MiddlesexV Metoppolitan Grand Lodge
Annual Cricket Match

Aug 6th 2017

Awaiting Report

Cricket Section
The section was restarted during the summer of 2007 and since then a yearly charity match has been arranged against Metropolitan Grand Lodge. We have also recently revived a fixture against the Province of Essex.

Please come along and get involved. All are welcome to attend and support and we are always short of players.

We are hoping to arrange nets next season to enable some of the older brethren to swing a bat and turn their bowling arm for the first time in many years. We will be particularly interested in anyone who can actually run between the wickets!

As you may have guessed the standard is not too high, however, the enjoyment and camaraderie is first class.

Non Masons are, of course, welcome. Like all sections within the MMSA, our primary goal is to promote Freemasonry through sport.

We are currently arranging several games for next season and net practice will commence early in the season. If anyone is interested in joining the section, Pradip Lotlecar, would be happy to receive your details and keep you updated with section events.

Pradip Lotlecar

Tel: 07775 874165